Activities Fair 2014!

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Cookology’s first time at Activities Fair was rather hectic but exhilarating; we all reported promptly to the Norris kitchen at 8:30AM to prepare hors d’oeuvres for our potential new members. Our goal was to finish over 300 servings of butternut squash ravioli and citrus spinach smoothie before setup at 12:30. We were grateful that Northwestern Dining provided all the ingredients we requested—as well as more than we requested—and that Chef Pedro, the executive chef of the catering team and our supervisor of the day, gave us tips and showed us around the kitchen. It was fun to work hard with our team, and to talk to the Norris kitchen cooks about their experiences in the culinary world.

As we found out at the fair, student reception to the idea that there is a culinary group on campus was extremely positive! We ended up getting over 400 sign-ups for our mailing list and many yes’s to our upcoming info session and cooking social. We were pleased to see students so excited about Cookology and can’t wait for our fall quarter events to get rolling!

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