Boltwood’s Hearty Ribollita and Savory Pickled Zucchinis


Chef Brian Huston from Boltwood came in this past Thursday to teach our members how to make a wonderful ribollita (Tuscan bread soup) and pickled zucchinis with mustard seeds and turmeric. It was our first time using the demonstration kitchen so graciously provided by Whole Foods; the vastness and practicality of the space itself, as well as the organizational work put in by Whole Foods staff, made our evening go all the more smoothly!

IMG_0653 IMG_0655

Cookology members crowded around Chef Brian as he prepped and cooked the ingredients for his dishes, listening to his rigorous yet often humorous account of his culinary roots and career. We were thrilled to learn about the five-course dinners he cooked for his friends (*and past love interests*) shockingly using only one pot when he was in college! His experiences working with Charlie Trotter, and in the famed Blackbird and Publican in Chicago kept us on the edge of our seats — humoring, scaring, and inspiring us all at once!

IMG_0649 IMG_0662

We cannot thank Boltwood and Whole Foods Evanston enough for helping us put this demonstration together! Our members had a great time and will be dropping by Boltwood to catch a dinner in the near future!

Experiments with Gnocchi and Soufflé


Food Laboratory: a time of open kitchen space when Cookology members can experiment with various ingredients to put a special twist on standard dishes. For our first food lab of the quarter, Cookology execs demonstrated knife safety, a simple gnocchi, and a chocolate soufflé to help build basic and technical skills in the kitchen.

IMG_0565 IMG_0584

The air was filled with the smell of fried gnocchi and vegetables, as well as the sound of our members fearlessly beating meringue to stiff peaks by hand. (We were extremely amazed at their insistence upon doing so despite the availability of electric mixers. Now that’s dedication!)


The creativity showcased that night was absolutely brilliant! Three-course meals came out from each team, and every smoothie, gnocchi combination, and soufflé flavor was different from the next! After a long evening of hard work, we all tasted the dishes and ate a well-deserved staff meal of roasted chicken and salad. We couldn’t have asked for a better food lab to start off our year!

IMG_0597 IMG_0612

Dining at a Hidden Gem

This past Thursday, we met up with our members on the L to head to a restaurant in uptown Chicago. Located quietly at the corner of a strip mall, Dong Ky Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant  is a favorite of Cookology’s co-founders. It stands unassuming with its neon lights and ‘street food’ feel, but its menu boasts highly affordable prices and amazing variety!


Several of our members opted for traditional Vietnamese noodles that ranged from pho to mi and beef stew. Others went for delicious rice plates that sported tender pork chops and salads, or crepes filled with bean sprouts and pork belly. For many, this was their first time eating Chinese-Vietnamese cuisine, but we all walked away with both our minds and stomachs very satisfied!

Besides just coming out for a great dinner, we were able to learn more about our new fellow chefs and what their interests are in cooking! Stay tuned; new ideas for Cookology are growing by the minute!

Our Fall Quarter Kick-off!

The day had finally come — our first club event as an official student group! We kicked off fall quarter with a short info session in Parkes Hall, followed by a Chopped-style cooking social for our potential members to get familiar with the kitchen and with each other.

IMG_0022 IMG_0028 IMG_0454 IMG_0458

We have to admit it was daunting to supervise over 30 students in the kitchen, but it was worth every minute. Everyone made great use of the pantry and wow’d us with their beautifully delicious dishes! Take a look below at their creations!

IMG_0525 IMG_0526  IMG_0529  IMG_0533 IMG_0534 IMG_0536

Cookology wants to extend a special thanks to everyone who attended the event and to Northwestern Dining for providing us with the pantry and making all of this possible. We’re looking forward to seeing our members’ skills grow even stronger with the events we have planned for the rest of the quarter!