Dining at a Hidden Gem

This past Thursday, we met up with our members on the L to head to a restaurant in uptown Chicago. Located quietly at the corner of a strip mall, Dong Ky Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant  is a favorite of Cookology’s co-founders. It stands unassuming with its neon lights and ‘street food’ feel, but its menu boasts highly affordable prices and amazing variety!


Several of our members opted for traditional Vietnamese noodles that ranged from pho to mi and beef stew. Others went for delicious rice plates that sported tender pork chops and salads, or crepes filled with bean sprouts and pork belly. For many, this was their first time eating Chinese-Vietnamese cuisine, but we all walked away with both our minds and stomachs very satisfied!

Besides just coming out for a great dinner, we were able to learn more about our new fellow chefs and what their interests are in cooking! Stay tuned; new ideas for Cookology are growing by the minute!