Salmon Rillette – crème fraîche, capers, dill

Duxelle – mushrooms, ricotta, thyme

Spheres – smoothie, citrus zest, yogurt



Roasted Chicken – sage, thyme, rosemary

Risotto – pumpkin, marjoram, wild mushrooms

Braised Pork Ribs – fennel, white wine, anise

Poached salmon – miso, spring onions, ginger

Stuffed Leg of Lamb – mint, garlic, goat cheese



Vegetable Medley – potato, squash, carrot, pearl onion, rutabaga, garlic, herbs

Mashed Potatoes – butter, lots of it

Gnocchi – butternut squash, mushrooms, mirepoix, chives

Ribollita Soup – cannellini bean, celeriac, sourdough crouton



Lemon Meringue Tart – zest, apple blossoms

Chocolate Cake – orange, raspberry coulis

Apple Galette – cinnamon, nutmeg



Pâte de Fruit – assorted flavors

Macaron – tiramisu, rosewater, chocolate

Madeleine – lemon scented

Canelé – orange cognac, vanilla

Profiterole – chamomile chantilly



For more information, please email us at

*We do ask that orders be made five days in advance of the event

*Items can be substituted on request

*You may also request a custom menu for your event

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