Jonny Lake

Jonny Lake, Head Chef at The Fat Duck, is perfectly suited to execute Heston Blumenthal’s cuisine at the three Michelin starred restaurant in Bray.

A native of Ontario, Canada, Jonny’s interest in science preceded his interest in cooking.  In his early twenties, he moved to Montreal to study physics and biology at university.  Whilst finishing his degree, he started two things that would alter the course of his life: cooking at home and volunteering at a “Meals on Wheels” charity, Santropol Roulant. It was here Jonny packed and delivered meals to the population of Montreal who had difficulty accessing food.  Most importantly, he also started cooking.

The time Jonny spent at Santropol not only made him aware of his innate talent, it made him realise that with cooking, learning is endless.  As he puts it, “You can learn something new in the kitchen every single day if you ask enough questions.”  After graduation he spent 18 months honing his skills at the Institut de Tourisme et d’Hotellerie du Quebec, the largest professional chef training programme in Montreal.

Jonny excelled at culinary school and upon graduation he was granted a bursary to pay for a three-month stage in Italy.  His culinary career began.  In Savona, Liguria he worked at the one Michelin starred A-Spurcacciun-a, a fish and seafood restaurant.  In the off-season, he would stage at Quintillo in Altare, Liguria.  He left Savona to work at Gultiero Marchesi’s two Michelin starred restaurant in the L’Albereta Resort in Erbusco.

He joined The Fat Duck in 2005 as a chef de partie.  It was an ideal fit.  Jonny parallels Heston’s curiosity and relentless pursuit of food perfection.  The Head Chef states: “The thing that I enjoy most about The Fat Duck is that we are always looking at different ways to do things.”

Jonny was named Head Chef of The Fat Duck in November 2009.

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