José Andrés

José Andrés is a Spanish-born chef best known for pioneering modernist cuisine in America. Early in his career, Andrés trained under Chef Ferran Adrià at the legendary ElBulli restaurant. Since then, he has become a prominent advocate for a scientific approach to food.

Andrés taught a culinary physics course alongside Ferran Adrià at Harvard University and founded the ThinkFood Group, a culinary research team based in Washington D.C. responsible for creating the dining concepts that inspire Andrés’ restaurants across the nation. Interestingly, Chef Andrés has also been recently featured as the food consultant on the NBC program “Hannibal,” where he designs our favorite cannibalistic serial killer’s spectacularly theatrical meals.

Chef Andrés has a distinctive philosophy on food and cuisine. His kitchens, which are perhaps better described as gastronomic laboratories, are famous for utilizing every tool available to the modern chef to its utmost, creating dishes that critics say are almost magical in their execution. One of the most unique aspects of Andrés’ food philosophy is his view that “meat is overrated” and that the future of food is fruits and vegetables.

Find out more about Chef José Andrés on his website:

or watch his interview on CNN’s 60 Minutes program with Anderson Cooper: .

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